We are happy to inform you following the sanitary measures issued by public health to protect ourselves and our clients, we will be offering some canoe and kayak rental this summer starting Saturday June 5, 2021. These measures will be maintained until normalcy returns.

You can book your reservations now at (506) 739-6255.

Here’s the measures that will be taken:

General information

  • People with symptoms of COVID-19 will not be admitted, if you are presenting symptoms please stay home;
  • You must have a reservation and an appointment, schedules will be established to allow physical distance and we ask you to respect them in order to limit the number of boaters and reduce traffic, you will be asked to choose the schedules identified below;
  • Name of all participants will be required upon booking, individuals and group reservations;
  • We will also ask if transportation services will be required;
  • The risk acceptance forms will be available online and must be signed in advance; (we are currently working on this)
  • Payments will be Interac transfers or at our location by cash with the exact amount due for the rental;
  • An outdoor toilet for our clients will be available and will be disinfected as per sanitary recommendations;
  • Physical distancing is mandatory on our property, on the river and on the beaches.

Schedules and Available Expeditions

1 schedule available for the Remou tourneux Expedition:

  • Arrival at Kasakayak at 8:30, departure 9:00 until mid-July approximately depending on water level. Arrival required prior to 7:00 pm.

3 schedules available for the Pont Prime Expedition:

  • Arrival at Kasakayak at 9:30 am, departure at 10:00 am, returning by bus at 3:30 pm
  • Arrival at Kasakayak at 10:30 am, departure at 11:00 am, returning by bus at 5:00 pm
  • Arrival at Kasakayak at 11:30 am, departure at 12:00 pm, returning by bus at 6:00 pm

There will be no other availability for arrivals and returns other than those mentioned above.

* Please note the last bus ride will be at 6:00 pm for the group that left Kasakayak at 11:30 in order to allow us to clean the equipment for the next rentals; This is in order to meet the sanitary recommendations of Public Health and to assure your safety and ours.

Meeting point (arrival)

  • A table will be placed to welcome you and confirm your reservation;
  • Hand washing at arrival will be mandatory, and we will provide hydro-alcoholic gel (Purell) for this purpose;
  • Physical distance will be used on our land, signs will be placed, and we ask you to respect them.
  • Your name will appear on the rental you made in order to limit contacts.

Returning by bus

Bus doors will remain closed until departure for return to Kasakayak; before entering you must give your name and phone number to the person designated for this purpose, this will be used in case of Public Health needs.

  • Hand washing before entering the bus will be mandatory, and we will provide hydro-alcoholic gel (Purell) for this purpose;
  • You will be asked to sit in the farthest bench available to limit contact;
  • Wearing a mask is required when travelling by bus, your driver will wear one to protect you and your family, and we ask you to bring your own face cover;
  • Please note that we will adapt our transport services according to the current Public Health requirements (color code for our region).

At Kasakayak

  • Physical distancing is mandatory;
  • Our vehicles will be disinfected between each group;
  • Paddles, Personal Floatation device (PFD’s) and canoes will be washed with soap and water or a surface cleaner between each rental.

Services offered starting June 5, 2021

  • Canoe rental with bus shuttle in respect to Public Health requirements;
  • Canoe and kayak rental without transport;
  • Personal canoe/kayak transportation services ($20);
  • PFD’s and Paddle(s) included with rental.

Services that will not be offered in 2021

🚫 Transport of personal vehicles;
🚫 Borrowing of equipment (paddles, PFD’s – personal floatation device)
🚫 Equipment inflation (boats or accessories)
🚫 Parking of non-clients to control in and out of our property;
🚫 Guide service

We understand that these measures can have an impact on your summer vacation plans; we are however obliged to comply with strict rules with the sanitary measures in force during the orange and yellow phases of the New Brunswick deconfinement plan. We will be more than happy to welcome you in small groups to stay safe and make the most of the beauties of nature.